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Month: May 2019

International Spirits

Scientific Spirit: Bourbon and a Touch of Technology

Unlike ride-sharing, shopping, banking and TV-viewing, technology hasn’t “disrupted” the age-old art and science of bourbon making. There are, however, astute people in the industry making good use of smart tech to improve quality and efficiency. Future generations must be spared episodes like The Great Bourbon Shortage — irritatingly still in progress. It’s universally agreed …

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2 glass Ultra Premium Tequila

What Sets “Ultra-Premium” Tequila Apart?

When companies describe their product as “ultra-premium” people get suspicious. It’s a different matter altogether when customers and critics use that language to describe a thing. In the world of fine Tequilas that classification is real, and a handful of distillers truly earn it. Tequila shed an unenlightened past as a shot chased with beer (gasp!), …

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