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Read This Now: “Rum Curious” by Fred Minnick

Inside Fred Minnick's rum history masterpiece, "Rum Curious."

Rum is a hell of a category, steeped in polarizing history and shaped by earthly nuance, brought to life under the guiding hand of (wo)man. As Smuggler’s Cove author Martin Cate lays it out in the book’s foreword, “No other spirit can tell so many tales of triumph and tragedy on its long journey alongside the development of the New World.” Cate alludes to the spirit’s storyline as it follows periods of slavery and liberation, colonialism and thriving free markets, and more throughout the Caribbean and beyond, bringing us to a triumphant tale of modern rum culture before Minnick gracefully plunges into the nitty gritty.

Rum has been covered in many formats by many publications over time, but this is something new, something special. It’s a history book and a guide. It’s an homage to the dichotomous past and a glimpse into the future. It’s a work of art rife with recommendations for must-try bottles, and if this doesn’t convince you to start exploring the rum category, all mope might be lost.

Rum Curious by the inimitable Fred Minnick is available on Amazon and many other retailers, as well as inside our current gift box for Enthusiast and Connoisseur members––join Spirits Network to receive yours (and plenty of other perks along the way).

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