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Celebrate National Bourbon Heritage Month with Spirits Network’s Bottle Picks

Spirits Network's staff picks in honor of National Bourbon Heritage Month.

As you might’ve heard, September is National Bourbon Heritage Month (also known as a regular month in the Spirits Network offices). In honor of this sacred 30-day holiday, we’ve gone around the office and hounded our staff for their personal favorite bourbon picks in the name of bringing a choice list to you for your on-demand shopping pleasure. Read on to find out what our staffers are sipping all month long!

Michter’s Single Barrel Bourbon 10 Years – Ivan Martinovic, Producer

Why I love it: It’s a special release which is nerdy and cool. To me, it’s rich and smooth. No bite. I will say more than 2 could have you taking a cat nap. So you only need a few to get loose.

How I drink it: Like most brown liquor, I like it neat. After a meal. Primarily on the open range while staring at the sunset and having a good cry. 

Four Roses Small Batch Select – Bob Panza, Business Development

Why I love it: As a man on a shoestring budget these days, Four Roses Small Batch with its cork top, beautiful bottle, and smooth finish has me feelin’ like a hustler.

How I drink it: Straight from the bottle unless company is over and I’m trying to put on airs.

Bulleit Kentucky Straight Bourbon – Melissa Gaines, Lead Designer

Why I love it: Quality-to-price ratio. It’s a great mid-range bourbon that’s super affordable!

How I drink it: In a strong cocktail, or on the rocks with soda and a lime.

1792 Small Batch – Ethan Kelley, Membership Manager and Spirits Curator

Why I love it: Lovely and rich with loads of sweet caramel to go around. There is a touch of spice, but just enough to balance out the easy drinking sweetness. The price is right so I don’t have to worry about how I drink it or at what frequency.  I would consider this an everyday breakfast bourbon.

How I drink it: Quickly (and often).

Booker’s Kentucky Straight Bourbon Noe Hard Times – Scott Mullins, VP Marketing

Why I love it: Coming in hot and heavy. This bourbon is bold and holds great grain flavor with an oak intensity that often overshadows weaker whiskies. The ABV on this is no joke, so I tend to prefer a sip of this after a particularly long and tough day when obligations dictate only time for one. Better make it count.

How I drink it: On the rocks with water (don’t be a hero).

Basil Hayden’s – Mariel Matero, Director of Marketing

Why I love it: With the fall coming up, I enjoy the spicy, light-bodied bite. Perfect for a cozy-night in by the fire, or if you’re in a New York City apartment like me, a cozy-night by the virtual yule log. 

How I drink it: Neat, please.

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