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Spirit of the Week: Rémy Martin Tercet

Yesterday, The House of Rémy Martin announced a permanent extension to its current range, the brainchild of three masters behind the brand. Tercet, named for a three-line verse of poetry, is a blend of eaux-de-vie from Wine Master Francis Nadeau’s own vineyards, set aside by Cellar Master Baptiste Loiseau over the course of several years during his training under former Master Pierrette Trichet. Loiseau selected these particular samples for their distinctively raw fruit-forward flavor profiles, earmarking them for future use, and here we are.

Tasting Tercet at Rémy Martin

“At Rémy Martin we are free to experiment and create new blends, so when I found [these] unique eaux-de-vie I dared to explore what [they] could become,” Loiseau shares. “Working in tandem with fellow experts and, more importantly, long-time friends Nadeau and [Master Distiller] Jean-Marie Bernard to see the entire process through, our vision came to life as a novel Fine Champagne Cognac, precisely to the standards of the Maison.”

Loiseau began the blending process of Tercet in 2014 under Nadeau and Trichet’s guidance, aiming to create something strikingly different from the house’s usual suspects; at 42%, this is the highest percentage of Rémy Martin’s entire range, its fruit notes revealing themselves with a touch of dilution.

Rémy Martin Tercet is currently being released across the US market, so keep an eye out. For now, shop Spirits Network’s current Rémy offerings here, here, and here.

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