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A Guide to Sharing the Holiday Spirit with Your Hosts – Peggy Noe Stevens

Peggy Noe Stevens (credit: Bourbon Women)

Anyone familiar with the world of whiskey knows the name Peggy Noe Stevens––and, more importantly, that she’s a force to be reckoned with. Spirits Network is humbled to serve as a home to two brand new shows featuring bourbon’s grande dame (Women’s Whiskey Revolution [premiering November 25, 2019] and Peggy Noes Best), but in true Peggy fashion, she’s given us a special taste of her holiday celebration secrets. It’s not often that she herself isn’t the host, but there’s a general code of conduct when it comes to being a guest––read on for an inside look at true Southern hospitality for attendees, according to Peggy herself:

“What do I like to bring to a holiday party? Bourbon is the universal welcome and quickly appreciated by any host, as they can covet the gift themselves for later, or it can go directly to the bar for the rest of the party to enjoy. Just remember first and foremost, know your host.  What do they gravitate to as their favorite bourbon when you have spent time with them before? If you do not know the host well, such as a business acquaintance, you can still ask people who know them where their affinity lies. My favorite bottles to give are ones that accompany a set of  bitters, mixers, or bar tools that I use myself.  Especially if I know their favorite cocktail is an old fashioned or Manhattan. Another approach is to share a favorite craft brand of yours, so they may explore a unique hard to find whiskey. Every brand has a story, so tuck into the gift bag some information about that brand and possibly some flavor profiles, or recipes to share. By giving a bottle of your favorite brands, you share the true holiday ‘spirit!'”

Watch Peggy in action right here on Spirits Network.

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