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Football At Its Finest

It’s the Super Bowl! 

Well, the Super Bowl is right around the corner.  The San Fran 49ers will be going up against the Kansas City Chiefs (let’s hope for a great game).  As we gorge on wings, stuff ourselves with pigs in a blanket, get in random arguments over things like hot sauce and BBQ techniques, we must take a moment to discuss what to drink for the big game.

Beer, we drink beer when we watch football.  There is no argument there. However, what do we do when prepping for the party?  Are you tailgating? (Nice!). What about half time? Didn’t we all need a strong drink during the 2004 Super Bowl with the whole wardrobe malfunction situation?

If your life is anything like mine, when you host a party at your house, it’s 95% my spouse’s friends and family, and 5% mine, and that includes the dog.  So, take your first precaution and hide the good stuff (just kidding – sharing is caring). Share what you want during prep time but do yourself a favor and keep it lower ABV, you don’t want to be wrecked before kickoff. Go with something pleasant, like a Glenmorangie 10 Year Original, with its rounded flavors, subtle fruits and a steady vanilla to put you in a solid frame of mind. 

As halftime approaches you may want to amp up the volume a bit, first to keep the energy going, and to ease the pain if you don’t have a clue who the current performer is at the halftime show.  Lastly, your guests aka “The Crew” are going to want to partake with you. In this case we have to make it count and ensure that those crazy, fun loving friends have a great experience but don’t overly dip into your stash (you may need some for yourself later). I suggest going full flavor and higher ABV. I would nip on a Booker’s Bourbon whose high ABV warms an array of beautiful rich flavors underneath it: including caramel, toffee, old furniture and dried cherries.  

Once you’ve sent the revelers home (with their designated drivers), some crying into their losing teams jerseys, it’s your time. You did it, and so did the team you were rooting for (hopefully). Treat yourself and bust out that gorgeous bottle of Oban Distiller’s Edition! This luxurious and well-rounded single malt will tease you with a touch of maritime influence, some mixed nut flavors and seductively rich finish. Let’s drink responsibly but like a winner! IT’S GO TIME! Mmmmmm..so good!

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