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Single Malt Astrology – there’s scotch in the stars!

Ever wonder what bottle is best suited for you according to your sign? We gave our curation team a list of descriptors for each astrological sign and asked them to pair you up with the perfect bottle. Great idea for gifts, adding to your home bar – and dating profiles.

Gemini (The Twins) – Air, Intelligent, Agile, Communicative, Deceptive
Glenmorangie LaSanta
This exceptional malt from the Northern Highlands boasts a sublime body.  With a pronounced sherry cask finish, the spirit does a miraculous job of keeping the body and mouthfeel in lithe condition. It darts about offering signature fruit with malt character at the center.  The deep chocolate and nutty aromas reveal themselves in layered silky disrobings. The finish is clean, supple, and lingers softly, taking its own sweet time to show you everything.

Cancer (The Crab) – Water, Nurturing, Healing, Moody
Highland Park 18
A soft approach for a dram from such a hostile island.  The nose presents us with plenty of bright fruits ranging from citrus to wet and overripe melon.  As exploration and time disclose, a distinct sea mist shows us that this malt holds a constrained aggression. A firm but complementary waft of peat smoke permeates throughout the experience.  On the palate the sticky fruit sweetness pours over the palate, as the smoke pushes the richer flavors of bitter chocolates and cherries to center stage. The finish is justifiably long, incredulously seductive, and rarely denies the need for a second sip.

Leo (The Lion) – Fire, Brave, Playful, Dominating
Ardbeg Uigeadail
This whiskey damn near roars – it does little to hide its nuance or desires. It is smoke, salt, and brine wrapped in a high proof fog.  The aromas of unyielding peat, fire and sea force themselves upon you like an abrupt change in the tides. It gives little warning before pulling you into its world where only then shows a softer side of Gala apples dripping with honey.  Breathe in smells of old cedar furniture and warming clouds of pipe smoke. The finish is long, provocative, and joyously welcomed.

Virgo (The Maiden) – Earth, Humble, Orderly, Perfectionist
WhistlePig PiggyBack
As with most Ryes, the spice is present, but this one has a wild side.  As it skips across your palate, footprints of dark chocolates, hazelnuts and pecans seem to be left everywhere.  The spice kicks like a mule, making our adventure even more intriguing. It is deceptively complex with so much to offer in regards to a quiet sweetness, firm structure, and inviting warmth.  It finishes just as wild as the ride began, this is rye whiskey with the top down.

Libra (The Scales) – Air, Charming, Harmonious, Indecisive
Yamazaki 12 year
This stunning example of Japanese whiskey discloses so much on first nose.  It could be easy to overlook all of the summer fruits, bordering on tropical.  It shows a full array of penny candy sweets, the displays of vanilla aromas one can only find at a roadside ice cream parlor.  The entry is calm and tender and seduces you before you know what you’re dealing with. In the blink of an eye the vanilla cookie turns to oak with warm toast flavors, it closes with grain and nectarine and leaves you wondering what kind of magic just hit you.

Scorpio (The Scorpion) – Water, Passionate, Emotional, Destructive
Elijah Craig Barrel Proof
This bottle is a poor choice in the making, on first glance you know the fire and trouble that is hiding underneath all that caramel.  As it kicks in the door, the leather jumps to the forefront, a saccharine sweet vanilla cream streaks down the mid palate. Burnt wood and cold bonfire flavors layer up on top of drops of orchard fruit nectar and spent coffee grounds.  It was troublesome at first glance, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

Sagittarius (The Centaur) – Fire, Ambitious, Enthusiastic, Gluttonous 
Lagavulin 16 
The richness that this spirit shows on the nose introduces itself as Royalty.  The iodine plays an eloquent nocturne as almond and Sherry-driven prunes march to the head of the table.  It’s the hog pit like smoke that places this bottle in such high esteem. Combined, the whisky reeks of stately wood and well used humidor, and shows a wealth of character that can only be acquired via decree. Yet, its encompassing embrace on the palate proves that this dram is both regal and approachable.

Capricorn (The Goat) – Earth, Driven, Persistent, Rigid 
Glenfarclas 105
Too hot to handle, the ABV on this is no joke and not to be toyed with.  This feisty one has every intention of showing you who’s boss. The intense Sherry does a fine job of delivering that message.  The Sherry punch smacks you with brass knuckles of cedar, Connecticut shade, chewing tobacco, and saddle leather with burnt caramel.  In no way does time on the palate calm this stallion down, rather it is the hot swallow that finally leads to the delicate floral finish of violet and honeysuckle – with just the slightest touch of diner maple syrup.  Every minute with this whisky will hurt you just a little more than it loves you.

Aquarius (The Water Bearer) – Air, Intelligent, Friendly, Scatterbrained 
Oban, Distiller’s Edition
A bubble gum pop of sweetness releases aromas of grapefruit and tangerine.  It is the initial perfumed mist that leads us to aromas of brookside stone and moss, and gently rolls into a wet Autumn forest.  On introduction, these inviting aromas show something a bit more assertive, with distinct sea mist, baked vanilla wafer, and fresh cut hard timber.  The palate leaves the earthy Autumn to tie into a delightful rice pudding and highlight with green apple. The end is always as pleasant as the introduction, and reveals itself to be unabashedly accepting.

Pisces (The Fish) – Water, Mystical Romantic, Codependent  
Springbank 15
Salt, brine, some smoke wrapped up tight with bacon and dates.  This ocean born beauty plays itself like a shore side native as she teases all the tourists.  It is the sea kissed entry that leads to enticing salt and begets the exotic aroma of old peat and fresh baked pastries.  The tastes are rustic and rural, devoid of polish. This whisky is proud of who it is and shows the true nature of itself with old attics, tired barns, and well worn boat docks.  The sweetness is subtle but promises an early morning enticement of coffee beans, apricot, and muesli before she says goodbye forever.

Taurus (The Bull) – Earth, Steady, Driven, Indulgent 
Dalmore 18 
This Gordon Gekko single malt is reserved for the ones that can earn it, and sips are shared seldom and for good reason, it’s lonely at the top.  A sherry forefront exudes refinement, and crosses the lines between stone fruits and pure cocoa all over the nose. Upon entry, the true dominance of this malt shows exactly what it means to have more than most.  Sweetness varies from caramels to hand rolled truffles, there seems to be a chocolate ganache coating over everything from toasted coconut to plums. It finishes with new calf skin leather and an aromatic incense that lingers like a cologne on your pillow case.

Aries  (The Ram) – Fire, Brave, Direct, Selfish 
Wild Turkey, Kentucky Spirit
This Bourbon comes with a built-in mullet.  Its whiskies like this that surpass expectations.  The nose delivers all the spice, the natural vanillas in the oak are well integrated, rather, perfectly trained, to highlight the grains.  The sweetness is kept in check. The colorful array of baking spices drive the pace, while this Daytona 500 of a tasting keeps spicy details zooming by with flashes of fresh orange zest, Bing cherries, and overripe clementines.  When the checkered flag waves, this Bourbon has worked a number on you and you won’t be able hear or taste much else after this initial impression. 

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