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Would You Be Mine?

It is that time of year when that cherubic little pixie named Cupid flutters about and paints the world pink. Valentine’s day is nearing and the hearts are racing and the palms are sweaty.  My friends, it is love!

This time of year there are limitless suggestions as to which bottle the perfect couple should celebrate their affections with.  I can’t say that I could even make a suggestion that would have that much broad appeal. Let me explain. I don’t think love is something that can be wrapped up in one simple bottle, or even one gift.  The love I have for my spouse has been, is, and always will be an adventure. It is more than a thing, it is a way of life for me, and one that I wouldn’t change for anything. With that being said, so is my affair with fine spirits.  

Which is why, this weekend of amore I suggest, get out of your town and find a little B & B nearby, have the romantic dinner, be sure to start it off right with a great pour, enjoy the night the way two people in love know how.  When you wake up in the morning, dizzy and delirious from the zesty events of the previous night. Take the adventure one step further and visit a local distillery together. You never know what you’re gonna taste!  

Hillrock Distillery, Ancramdale NY,  Enjoy the scenic drive there, and be stunned by the views at the distillery.  When finished, take a short drive up to the bucolic city of Hudson and gander at the aray of boutiques and antique shops before having your choice of any manner of restaurants.  

Stranahan’s, Denver Colorado, This urban setting allows you take a break from a bustling day of action in Denver, wrap up your evening by taking a stroll through the Arts District.

Few Spirits, Evanston Illinois, After walking and visiting the Grosse Point Lighthouse head on over to Few Spirits to take a break before heading back out to visit the Block Museum of Art

Enjoy this day, eat all the chocolates, buy all the flowers, and bring back a great bottle (or many) so that you and your partner can remember that weekend for years to come.

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