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National Scotch Day

Through the complex course of human history tribes, cities, and nations have shared, contributed, or lent amazing advancements of culture to each other. Long before the world wide web, there seems to be an innate desire for people to share the best of what they have. It is in that gracious sharing of ideas, innovations, and inventions that has bound us together as one on this twirling little ball we call home.

Today on National Scotch Whisky Day, we remind ourselves that Scotland has been more than generous with their global contributions, but at the end of the day they gave us Scotch Whisky, and isn’t that enough? Apparently not.

The Television, John Logie Baird, 1926
Cloned Mammal, Dolly the Sheep, 1996
The Telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, 1876
Penicillin, Sir Alexander Fleming, 1928
MRI Scanner, University of Aberdeen Team, 1980
The Refrigerator, Sir William Cullen, 1710
The Toaster, Alan MacMasters, 1893
Disposable Contacts, Ron Hamilton, 1995
ATM, James Goodfellow, 1996
Color Photography, James Clerk Maxwell, 1855
Kaleidoscope, Sir David Brewster, 1816
Flushing Toilets, Alexander Cumming, 1755
Hypodermic Syringe, Alexander Wood, 1853
Fingerprinting, Henry Faulds, 1880
Steam Engine, James Watt, 1776
Vacuum Flask, James Dewar, 1892
Pneumatic Tires, John Boyd Dunlop, 1888

Today we should imagine ourselves sharing a dram with all of these great minds as they too would be raising a celebratory glass of Scotland’s greatest contribution to toast their own accomplishments.

Happy National Scotch Whisky Day!

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